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“ Access to affordable and quality medicine is our basic human rights.” 
Write to Win!
Published on, 12, Febrary, 2017, 07:39 PM | View : 454
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Do you like Writing? Do you want to express your view on issue of basic social services?
Social Action for Change (SAC)
together with United Sisterhood Alliance (Us) is excited to host an essay competition under topic “Women’s Rights to Greater Access to Basic Social Service”. 
Applicants are required to write an essay to respond to at least of the following questions:
1. What are state’s roles in ensuring fundamental human rights to access to basic social services? 2. What are advantages and disadvantages of private investment in providing social services?
3. What do you think how the society will benefit when women get fully access to basic social services?


•For Khmer Writing: Khmer Unicode Font, Size 12, Single Space, 3-5 pages
•For English Writing: Times New Roman, Size 12, Double Space, 1000-1500 words
•Citation of References is encouraged
•Should include full name, school/workplace, and Contact information

Please refer to flyer for more information!

( 17 March 2016 )

Where is our human right to healthcare? Waking up in every morning, we think, how and where we can have access to quality and affordable healthcare if we someday are falling sick severely and unexpectedly or due to our hard work for feeding our beloved family....

( 17 March 2016 )

“Women’s Rights to Greater Access to Adequate Basic Social Services” The People’s Policy on “Women’s Rights to Greater Access to Adequate Basic Social Services” is proposed and made by the Cambodian grassroots women from the garment and sex industries aims for the dialogue with the...

( 17 March 2016 )

 80% of Cambodia’s total population lives in rural areas, relying mainly on subsistence agriculture and rice cultivation. In a survey of 133 households across 6 villages, more than half reported needing to borrow money to pay for healthcare services in the last two years....
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