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“ Access to affordable and quality medicine is our basic human rights.” 
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Social Action for Change(SAC) is a group of women activists whose aims are to build, strengthen and support grassroots movements, workers and women  activists  by providing  technical assistance and  advocacy  support  for social, economic, and political changes. Cambodia relies heavily on development assistance from foreign governments and agencies.  Much of this assistance is contingent upon a number of conditions which over the years have led to economic concessions, legal and service reforms resulting in (possibly unintended) negative impacts on the livelihoods of the poor, particularly women and children. Some of the reforms include more autonomy in the healthcare system, the promotion of agribusiness through economic and land concessions and the enactment of a number of laws and decrees that protect investors but result in less protection for local farmers and workers. This has led to a widening gap between rich and poor in urban and rural areas. Inequality between men and women is still a major problem and women continue to suffer not only from violence, but also economic and gender based discrimination, examples of which can be seen in the garment and sex industries. Many Cambodians have raised questions about who this development is for, and whether the poor really benefit from these reforms and development trends. SAC works in partnership with United Sisterhood to strengthen organizing, leadership and advocacy activities for social and political movements.

Vision:  A Cambodian society in which there is equality and equity between women and men, and where there is active support for grassroots groups.   
Mission:  Work to build, strengthen and support grassroots movements, workers and women activists  by  providing  technical  assistance  and  advocacy  support  for  social, economic and political changes. 
  • Advocate for the greater access to basic social services and universal access to adequate and exempted healthcare for the poor sex workers and garment workers.
  • Assessing the rural debt to ensure that communities access to fair and affordable micro‐credit through a research study on health in relation to debt. 
  • Strengthening the existing grassroots movement.
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